King & Moore

Cliff Dance

Justice Records

JR# 0803-2


1) Pretty Red Truck (3:00) (Nick Purnell/Samantha Moore)
2) On Green Dolphin Street (2:52) (Ned Washington & Bronislaw Kaper)
3) The Nearness Of You (6:52) (Hoagy Carmichael/Ned Washington)
4) The Cliff Dance (3:25) (Samantha Ashley Moore)
5) Dark Matter (5:06) (Glen Moore/Samantha Moore)
6) Sermonette (2:19) (Julian Adderly/Jon Hendricks)
7) Sweeper Man (2:53) (Miles Davis/Samantha Moore)
8) Nature Boy (2:38) (Eden Ahbez)
9) Hour Of The Possum (4:33) (Glen Moore/Samantha Moore)
10) I'll Come Back To You (6:12) (Glen Moore/Samantha Moore)
11) Aura Lee (3:16) (George R. Poultron/W.W. Fosdick)

Nancy King, vocals; Glen Moore, bass, piano ("I'll Come Back To You"); Art Lande, piano; Gary Hobbs, drums; Warren Rand, alto saxophone..
Produced by David A Thompson.
Executive Producer: Merlin Production Co., Houston, TX.
Recorded at Desitrek Studios, Portland, OR, March 1993.
Recorded by Doug Durbrow and Mike Demmers.
Mixed by Doug Durbrow and David A. Thompson.
Mastered by Bernie Grundman, Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios, Hollywood, CA.
Production Assistant and Coordinator: Scott A. Tirapelli
Photography by Allison Leach, Houston, TX.
Design by Cynthia S. Kinney
Gary Hobbs uses Yamaha Drums and Zildjian Cymbols

Nancy King wishes to thank God.

Glen Moore thanks his mother Lillie, his wife and partner Samantha, and his sons Theo, Jeremy and Alexander.

Lyricist Samantha Moore wishes to thank Bill Traut, Pete Shukat, her dog Bonnie, Katherine Shiver, her father, Mary Renault and the ancient Greeks, and her son Alexander.

King and the Moores wanna thank Doug Durbrow, Mike Demmers, Nick Purnell, Jon Hendricks, Susanne at Avis and Hasse Anderson at SAS. They wish to thank David Thompson for his patience and production skills, and his awesome skippy jokes. Thank you, Dave.

We also wish to thank Randall Jarmail for his generosity, loyalty, and his long-standing support and appreciation of King and Moore.