First Date

Inner City Records


Reissued by:
Wolfetones Records
CD #102

1) Scrapple From the Honeysuckle (5:38)* (Fats Waller, Charlie Parker)
2) Get Out Of Town (5:55)* (Cole Porter)
3) Use Thy Potions Wisely (4:56) (Steve Wolfe)
4) Mine (5:07)* (George and Ira Gershwin)
5) Today You Are Born In My Eyes (3:02)* (Frank Strazzeri)
6) A Sound Of Joy In The Midst Of Woe (4:06) (Steve Wolfe)
7) You Stepped Out Of A Dream (5:15)* (N. H. Brown, G. Kahn)
8) Morning Of The Revolution (7:08) (Steve Wolfe)
9) If I Should Lose You (3:30)* (L. Robin, R. Rainger)

Nancy King, vocals*; Steve Wolfe, tenor sax; Jack Sheldon, trumpet; Frank Strazzeri, piano; Ray Brown, bass; Nick Ceroli, drums.
Arranged and Produced by Steve Wolfe
Nancy originally was listed as a co-leader on this recording. She sings on 6 of the 9 tunes.
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