King & Moore

Impending Bloom

Justice Records

JR # 0801-2


1) Mountain Greenery (4:08) (Lorenz Hart, Richard Rogers)
2) Impending Bloom (4:09) (Samantha and Glen Moore)
3) "Cherokee" (1:46) (Ray Noble)
4) Useless Landscape (3:50) (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Aloysio De Oliveira, Ray Gilbert)
5) Stompin' At The Savoy (4:12) (Benny Goodman, Edgar Samson, Andy Razaf, Chick Webb)
6) By Myself (3:27) (Howard Dietz, Arthur Schwartz)
7) White Duck (4:42) (Samantha and Glen Moore)
8) Man In The Oven (4:15) (Samantha and Glen Moore)
9) Poinciana (4:58) (Buddy Bernier, Nat Simon)
10) Secret Love (4:06) (Paul Webster, Sammy Fain)
11) Heartbreak Hotel (2:58) (Mae Axton, Tommy Durden, Elvis Presley)
12) Semi-Proscrastination (2:16) (Glen Moore)
13) Tennessee Waltz (3:56) (Redd Stewart, Pee Wee King)
14) Going' Home (4:02)* (William Fisher, Anton Dvorak)
15) Man In The Oven (3:56)
Dance Mix*
(Samantha and Glen Moore)
  * CD bonus tracks

Nancy King, vocals and whinnies; Glen Moore, acoustic bass and piano; Lawrence Williams, drums; Jerry Hahn, guitar; Rob Thomas, violin.
Produced by David A. Thompson
Executive Producer: Merlin Production Co., Houston, TX
Engineered by Andy Bradley and Doug Durbrow
Assistant Engineers: Steve Lanphier, Charlie Colwell and Rick Mace
Recorded live at Sugar Hill Recording Studios, Houston, TX, except "By Myself Alone", recorded at Spectrum Sound Studios, Portland, OR
Mastered by Bernie Grundman; Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA
Design/Illustration: Cynthia Southern
Mr. Moore plays a 1715 Klotz Bass Fiddle restored by Paul Toeneges and Paul Schuback and tuned to low C, A, D and a high C with Thomastic Spirocore Strings. He uses Walter Woods Amps, with Don Underwood Pick-ups and Lexicon PCM 60 & 70 digital effects during performance. His bow is made by Hennings & Rubino.
Thanks to the Amati Violin Shop of Houston for emergency repairs during this recording.
The producer wishes to thank Samantha Moore for her inspired lyrics

For the inspiration that never stops we both thank our jazz foremothers and forefathers. Nancy dedicates this album to her mom for believing in her. Glen thanks his wife Samantha whose lyrics, insight and impatience coaxed this duo into the nineties. We both thank Randall Jamail, David Thompson and all the staff at Justice Records for recognizing and encouraging us.
- Nancy King and Glen Moore

Thanks to Alexander, Tisa, James, Don, Josh, Lillie, and Patricia, whose support keeps the home fires alive and well during my many extended absences.
- Glen Moore

This record is about two pregnant people from the land of big timber. They're in the third tri-mester of a musical imminence that is not easy to describe. The impending bloom before you sings of mountain greenery, useless landscapes, hotels of heatbreak and the rootless imagery of a happy American West. It is sonically planted somewhere in the distant future and past. For your listening pleasure, I simply suggest that you relax, breathe deeply, boil some water, and make sure you've got plenty of clean towels around.
- David A. Thompson, producer.