Laura Brad Mersereau Nancy King

Brad Mersereau


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1) Picardy (1:25) (16th Century French Hymn)
2) Sojourn (2:43) (Brad Mersereau)
3) Laura (5:17) (David Raksin, Johnny Mercer)
4) Arrival (3:49) (Brad Mersereau)
5) Autumn Leaves / You Must Believe In Spring (6:52) (Joseph Kosma, Michel Legrand / Johnny Mercer, A & M Bergman
6) Green Rain (3:52) (Brad Mersereau, Brad Mersereau, Alice Sedgwick, Janet Mersereau)
7) Perennial (5:31) (Steve Christofferson)
8) Vision (3:08) (Brad Mersereau, Elwood Hedberg)
9) Au Revoir (4:30) (Brad Mersereau)
10) D.E.G. Blues (3:24) (Brad Mersereau)
11) The Shadow Of Your Smile (3:32) (Johnny Mandel, Paul Francis Webster)
12) Picardy (Reprise) (2:38) (16th Century French Hymn)
13) Spiritus (3:15) (Brad Mersereau)
14) Sunrise (2:28) (Brad Mersereau)

Brad Mersereau, piano (1, 5, 9, 10), vocals (1, 3, 5, 11), mellotron (1, 9, 14), synth strings (14), electric piano (5)
Nancy King, vocals (6)
Steve Christofferson, piano (3, 5, 6, 7, 11), vocals (1)
Jeff Leonard, bass (1, 2, 9)
Scott Steed, bass (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11)
Ron Steen
, drums (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11)
Cheryl Alex
, alto flute (2, 3), flute (6)
Jeff Uusitalo
, trombone (2, 11)
Chris Lee, vibraphone (2, 4)
John Gross
, tenor sax (3, 7, 14)
Paul Mazzio
, flugelhorn (3, 6)
Mitch Iimori
, english horn & oboe (3), clarinet (6)
Bill Beach
, piano (4)
Bob Stark
, guitar loop (14)
Choir on "Vision" and "Spiritus" (8, 13):
Kember Lattimer, Esther Mae Jones, Karen Sandness
(sopranos), Kathryn Maresh, A. Dawn Rae Johnson, Irene Weldon (altos), Gary Coleman, Terrill G. Grubbs, David Maier (tenors), C. Arthur Dimond, Matt Delay, Steven Fulmer (basses).

Choral Conductor: David E. Nelsen

Brad Mersereau (1)
Steve Christofferson (2, 5)
Michael Elliott (also did orchestration) (3, 6)

Produced by Steve Christofferson
Recorded & Mixed by Bob Stark
Mastered by Ryan Foster
Graphic Design by Jan Buskirk
Cover Photo by William B. Mersereau
Inside Photo by Janet H. Mersereau

Liner notes by Brad Mersereau:
"This project is dedicated to the memory of my sister, Laura Mersereau Pressnall, a vibrant, gregarious, and love-filled human being, who died at age 46 due to physical complications from a quarter-century battle with her enemy, the disease of alcoholism. She was able to maintain sobriety and confront her previous denial demons in the final six months of her life, but sadly, this just wasn't enough. We wish to continue the good fight against this pernicious combatant by donating the majority of proceeds from this CD to the YWCA "Laura's House" fund dedicated to providing assistance to women who wish to break free from this addictive disease state. The YWCA has designed a three-pronged proactive program that assists in all phases of recovery, each of which embraces the truth found in sobriety - through transitional housing, education, and a life style that promotes ongoing alcohol-free choices.

The music in this collaborative effort is also focused on a most sobering truth. Each phase of our existence offers hope and possibility if we let it. This is the truth that all musicians cooperatively involved with these compositions communicate. From "Sunrise," "Arrival," and "Sojourn," through "Vision," "Spiritus," and "Au Revoir," each segment of the life cycle has its own significance and meaning.

Laura is now in the next phase of her journey, but her memory can serve as a reminder musically and literally that hope continues to exist... "a face in the misty light - footsteps that you hear by the door." Here's to you, Laura. We lift you up and that is the truth."

The majority of proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to the YMCA "Laura's House" program which is dedicated to developing life-long sobriety strategies for women through housing, counseling, and advocacy services. The remaining sale proceeds will primarily benefit those non-profit organizations which actively promote the sale of this CD. They include MADD and the Salvation Army.