45th Parallel

RK 44465




1) Pageant (6:26) (Ralph Towner)
2) Hand In Hand (6:00) (Ralph Towner)
3) King Font (5:29) (Ralph Towner)
4) Riding On The D Train (2:29) (Ralph Towner/Trilok Gurtu)
5) Beneath An Evening Sky (5:02) (Ralph Towner)
6) Chihuahua Dreams (5:04) (Glen Moore/Samantha Moore)
7) Urumchi (4:16) (Paul McCandless)
8) Les Douzilles (7:25) (Ralph Towner)
9) Bombay Vice (4:51) (Trilok Gurtu)
10) Pageant (Epilogue) (1:52) (Ralph Towner)

Ralph Towner, pianos, synthesizers, 12 string and classical guitars;
Paul McCandless
, piccolo sax, soprano sax, oboe, english horn, and bass clarinet;
Trilok Gurtu
, tabla, drums, percussion and voice;
Glen Moore
, bass;
Nancy King
, vocal on "Chihuahua Dreams".
Recorded and mixed at Spectrum Studios, Portland, Oregon,
during August and September, 1988.
Engineers: Tom Lazarus and Michael Moore.
Mastered at Masterdisk, New York, by Bob Ludwig.
Open Door Management (Bill Traut)
845 Via De La Paz, Suite 365
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Ralph plays Korg synthesizers, the Steinway pianos he played on this recording were furnished courtesy of Moe's Piano, Portland, Oregon. His classical guitar was built by Jeffrey Elliott and Cynthia Burton.
Trilok plays Paiste cymbals.
Glen plays a Klotz bass fiddle restored by Paul Toenniges and Paul Schuback.
Front cover art: Robert Cotu.
Back cover photography: Chris Cuffaro.
Art Direction: Christopher Austopchuk.

Chihuahua Dreams
- 1989 Watson Hollow Music (ASCAP)

Mystified, cauterized,
Dog in a dune he is oh so traumatized.
Sun so fat, in his eyes,
Roasting, twitching, such hot dry dreaming.

His rolling, dusty paws searing hot,
Faceless lizards blink at the inferno.
Rolling in roily, boiling blasts,
Poor Chihuahua, dream your dreams.

Bay Chihuahua,
Drift through the seams.

- Samantha Moore

Thanks to: Joanne Davidson, Hennings and Rubino, Ted Kurland, Patricia McKinney, Patricio Morales, Gary Ridge, Hans Wendl and Laurel J. Wicks.

Oregon (in 1989) - photo by Chris Cuffaro.