King & Moore

Potato Radio

Justice Records

JR# 0802-2



1) Little Bronco (2:32) (Glen Moore/Samantha Moore)
2) Crooked Road (5:38) (Pat Metheny/Samantha Moore)
3) Night Club Skin (5:35) (Glen Moore/Samantha Moore)
4) Alligator Dancing (3:43) (Glen Moore/Samantha Moore)
5) Moonlight To You (6:46) (Nancy King/Marilyn Simpson)
6) St. Thomas (2:26) (Sonny Rollins)
7) Your Love (2:37) (Glen Moore/Anon.)
8) I Sing For You (4:32) (Nancy King)
9) Chromatic Blues (2:29) (Glen Moore)
10) I Got Rhythm (3:12) (George and Ira Gershwin)
11) Potato Radio (5:44) (Glen Moore/Samantha Moore)
12) Four (6:24)* (Miles Davis/Jon Hendricks)
13) Man In The Oven (4:57) (Stripper Version)* (Glen Moore/Samantha Moore)
  * CD bonus tracks

Nancy King, vocals; Glen Moore, acoustic bass; Bennie Wallace, tenor saxophone; Art Lande, piano; Junior Homrich, percussion; Kuko Miranda, percussion on "Alligator Dancing", cabasa and whistle on "I Sing For You"; Paul English, Hammond B3 Organ.
Choir on "Potato Radio": Jacky Scott, Cynthia Fuller Scott, Larry T. Douglas, Brenda C. Compton.
Produced by David A Thompson
Executive Producer: Merlin Production Co., Houston, TX
Recorded by Clark Germain at Oceanway Studios, Los Angeles, CA, and Andy Bradley at Sugar Hill Recording Studios, Houston, TX; December 1991.
Mixed by Andy Bradley and David Thompson at Sugar Hill Recording Studios, Houston, TX
Assistant Engineers: Paula "Max" Garcia at Oceanway and Steve Lanphier at Sugar Hill.
Production Assistant: Scott Tirapelli
Mastered by Bernie Grundman, Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios, Hollywood, CA.
Illustration and design by Cynthia S. Kinney and Justice Record Co.
Photography by Ty Chennault

"Crooked Road" is dedicated to the life and spirit of Elana Bess Gold, her magnificent mother and to all who take the crooked road.

This record represents the combined efforts of the "Tune Team", Glen, Nancy and Samantha. We have been greatly inspired by our company, Justice Records.

Special thanks for the love, care and understanding of our families, especially: Phoebe, David, Alexander, Pat, Joanna Grammon, Mary Kadderly, Deb Harris, Mary Miles, Carol Yarrow, Sarah Kate, Joel E. King and Gilbert T. King.

Mrs. King's "Moonlight To You" is for her partner Sonny King and son Jon S. King. Many thanks to Marilyn Simpson for her lyric.

- Nancy King and Glen Moore

"I bet we can get airplay in Boise"

- Sarah Greenwood

Director of Radio Promotion, Justice Record Company

The "Impending Bloom" burst forth into a glorious produce section in the heart of a Radio Shack. Dancing Alligators and Broncitos wrapped in Nightclub Skin typify this camping trip. You know, "the second record". A little cocky. A little large for the lederhosen if you know what I mean. But always with the keenest sense of craft and a ream of reverence. Welcome friends to the Big Top of integrity. It don't get no better than this.

Special thanks to Big Al, Dave, Leo and Missy, Beth and my godson Dylan

- David A. Thompson