Nancy King & Steve Christofferson
w/ The Metropole Orchestra

Straight Into Your Heart

MONS Records
MR 874 - 778

1) Moonray (4:58) (Artie Shaw)
2) Blue Beach (5:36) (Steve Christofferson)
3) The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (3:22) (Ben Weisman/Dottie Wayne/Marilynn Smalls)
4) Moonlight To You (6:48) (Nancy King/Marilyn Simpson)
5) Zanzibar (4:00) (David Frishberg)
6) Waltz For Debby (4:38) (Bill Evans/Gene Lees)
7) Love Is What Makes Us All One (4:52) (Lawrence Williams)
8) Straight Into Your Heart (5:21) (Lawrence Williams/Marilyn Simpson)

Nancy King, vocals; Steve Christofferson, piano/melodica ; The Metropole Orchestra
Produced by Thilo Berg
Metropole Orchestra under the direction of Rob Pronk
Arrangements by Steve Gray (Moonray, Zanzibar, Love Is What Makes Us All One) and Rob Pronk (Straight Into Your Heart, Moonlight To You, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Waltz For Debby, Blue Beach).
Recorded at NPS Studios in Hilversum, The Netherlands
Producer for the NPS: Frits Bayens
Recorded on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, 1996
Musical Supervisor: Hugh den Ouden
Sound Engineer: Wim van den Berg
Mastered by FLH-Studio Carlsberg, Germany
Liner notes by Joel E. Siegel
Art Direction: Harald Priem, Handwerk, Art & Work
Cover photo & Photo design: Harald Priem
Photos: Evin Thayer (King, Steve Christofferson)
The recording ws made possible by NPS Radio

We wish to express our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the following people who made this CD possible:

To Frits Bayens, for recognizing our music and providing us the opportunity to play with the Metropole Orchestra;
To Rob Pronk for his brilliant charts and conduction (and for being so helpful and patient with us!);
To Steve Gray for his extraordinarily exciting arrangements;
To the entire Metropole Orchestra for their sensitivity;
To Thilo Berg for taking a chance on us;
To Linda McDill for her subtle management and understanding;
and to Heather Christofferson and the kids - thanks for being so supportive.

- Nancy King and Steve Christofferson

Nancy King would like to dedicate her performance on this recording to the memory of her first and greatest inspiration, Ella Fitzgerald.